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Fermented Beetroot Wedges

Fermented Beetroot Wedges

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Fresh beetroot wedges that have ever so slowly fermented away in brine of filtered rain water and a dash of Aussie sea salt, drawing out their earthy sweetness while infusing the brine with their essence. The only other ingredient is time. The beetroot is certified organic from Pimlico Organic Produce.

Not only are the wedges great in salads or on a loaded sandwich or wrap, but the juice itself is basically a Beetroot Kvass - an Eastern European health tonic.

These vary from the canned beetroot commonly known, where they do not have any sugar or vinegar (acetic acid) added. Why is this important?

Well, when you use fresh and organic ingredients that contain their own sugars, you don't need to add it. The sugar is usually to balance the acidity of the vinegar used to pickle things. Most know the other downsides of too much sugar. So, what's wrong with vinegar?

Vinegar is great and really good for you when it's made naturally, as Apple Cider Vinegar is well known. However it has come into our knowledge while sharing our products with people that some have an intolerance to some of what's in vinegar.

While this was not the initial intention of creating such a product, it is really great to know that by doing things in natural and non-additive ways, we are able to provide taste buds with options that won't have a negative impact on their enjoyment. It also means that it's still alive in the jar!

More Info

Keep this product in the fridge once opened for a longer life.

Once you finish the solid parts of the product the liquid can be used for pickling, fermenting, marinating and enjoying on its own.

No artificial preservatives, flavours or colour. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly.

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Net Weight: 500 g


Beetroot, Aussie sea salt, time.

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